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The Marketing Research Module is a course in itself (and it's included in the more comprehensive digital marketing course Small Business, Big Reach: Nurturing Digital Growth).


The Marketing Research course contains 49 pages and comes in pdf format, including tools, best practices, business cases, a detailed checklist, and the trends that will impact marketing research in 2024.


Additionally, the module includes complementary online resources and a detailed step-by-step process on how to conduct marketing research using 2 business cases: the Toucan Hotel and Toucakery (a bakery store).


The module is ideal for local businesses operating in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, bakeries, wineries, etc.) that want to clearly identify and better understand their audience while also gaining critical knowledge on how to conduct marketing research with the aim of perfecting their products or services. Other small or local businesses will surely benefit from the content of this course.

Marketing Research Course

€10.00 Regular Price
€5.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT

Buy 2 Course Modules - 10% OFF

    1. 49 pages designed in a step-by-step and practical way that will allow you to immediately start implementing the best marketing research techniques into your business.
    2. 2 practical case studies that will help you clearly understand what to do and how to develop each step of the marketing research.
    3. Business cases aimed at enhancing learning with real-world success stories.
    4. Introduction to tools and best practices that you can implement in your digital channels right away.
    5. Free complementary online resources (linked in the course) that will expand your knowledge and allow you to gain a broader perspective on the subject.
    6. The latest trends and tips that are shaping the way in which marketing research is evolving.
    7. A Marketing Research checklist (to help you keep pace with your progress).

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