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WA Technology

About WA Technology

WA Technology is an online casino game developer based in Malta. The company develops all of its games in HTML5 so that they can be enjoyed on any device, anywhere. The firm's core services are developing games, aggregating content, offering turnkey solutions, and managing casinos for online casinos worldwide.

WA Technology has also branched out to provide a slot builder that allows developers to create their own games using drag-and-drop software.

With its own slots offering, the casino platform and now a slot builder are extending their reach into different areas of the online gambling business.

What were their Objectives?

The company's main objective was to thoroughly comprehend consumer behavior in the online gambling industry in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Additionally, generations' attitudes and motivations for gaming, focusing on millennials and Generation Z, were added to the project.


The channels for driving brand discovery and launching marketing communications to facilitate market penetration and early adoption by the target audience were among the client's main requirements.

What was the Approach?

WA Technology contacted Toucan Insights to develop a challenging project that focused on understanding the global online gambling industry and consumer behavior to make the digital implementations needed to succeed in the selected markets.

Knowing that the company had more than 3000 gaming options and its business areas focused on developing games, aggregating content, offering turnkey solutions, and managing casinos, we started our approach by identifying their main competitors and their offerings in the markets where the company wanted to focus.

The initial phase sought to select the best markets in Europe, Latin America, and Africa for We Are Casino to penetrate with a perfectly defined offer.

Here, we first considered the regulatory system and entry barriers in each country. Moreover, we conducted in-depth consumer research that included the preferred games by online type, the top 3 global attitudes and motivations for gambling, and the generational attitudes and behaviors for gambling (millennials and Gen Z).


Gender differences in gambling were also included in the study.

From this initial research phase, we ended up selecting 6 countries in Europe (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany), 6 in Latin America (Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Panama), and 5 in Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Uganda).

The next phase focused on determining the best approach for social media and the best channels for boosting brand discovery and marketing communications to facilitate market penetration and early adoption by the target audience.

Finally, we developed a quarterly strategic plan that focused on conducting marketing actions on 6 different channels, including organic and paid options.


The core of the strategy was to develop optimized content with keywords to promote the games. Additionally, we selected the social media channels and planned the strategy for them. Paid advertising was part of the strategy in selected markets to boost brand awareness.

What were the Results?

After finishing the project, among the results, WA Technology decided to apply for licenses to operate in Latin American countries.


The company's plan includes developing the European and African regions in a second phase.

The social media following is above 3,000 and counting, with content posted regularly on the platforms. Several public relations actions in key media have driven attention to the firm, sparking interest in the target audience.


From an organic perspective, the website was optimized with key recommendations, and since then, the games have seen an average increase of +200% in the number of players.

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