Long gone are the days of cold calling and the idea of just attracting customers to your business because you are good at something. Being good is the least thing you could do to succeed in the 21st century. Unfortunately it is not enough anymore. Nowadays consumers browse for products and services on Google and if your business doesn't pop-up on the first page of the search results, then they will choose among your competitors. Sad but true.


The truth is that in order to compete in the 21st century your business needs to have an effective inbound marketing strategy and a sound online marketing presence.


What is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound marketing are all the marketing actions that a company implements to attract their target consumers to their business. These could vary depending on the communicational channel as well as on the degree of knowledge that the target has about your business and services. This may sound as advertising but inbound marketing is way more than that. It includes aspects such as a well-built website, a sound content marketing strategy, an effective SEO marketing strategy, eye-catching social media marketing posts, and a 360 digital marketing strategy carefully designed to attract and convert your target audience into profitable clients, to name a few.

Toucan Insights Services


At Toucan Insights, we help companies to excel by providing them with all the digital marketing services that they need to attract their target consumers and transform them into profitable clients. We do this by conducting a thorough marketing audit aimed at identifying every aspect that resonates among your target along with a detail analysis of the industry and market in which you compete. Based on this analysis we design the perfect marketing plan for your business to stand out.


Email Marketing

Market Research

Content Marketing

Hospitality Marketing



Toucan Insights Service Packages

Through our service packages – Marketing & Branding; Business Research; and Full Consultancy – we offer our clients professional marketing solutions to help them achieve their goals. Each package contains a combination of specially designed services aimed to address different types of business needs. However, the services in the packages could be combined at your own taste creating the tailored service that your business needs.

Digital Advertising

Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing

Marketing & Branding

In a nutshell, branding and marketing are two faces of the same coin. Marketing refers to the communicational actions that a company conducts to attract their target while branding focuses on the features and details that those communications must have in order to be successful. After analysing your goals and the current situation we will design and manage your marketing communications creating the perfect branding to attract your target and increase your revenue as a result. 

Business Research

Almost all companies in the world have different types of consumers. Millennials as well as consumers from other generations, like Gen Z or Baby Boomers have different purchasing preferences. Assuming that all your customers are equal and expect the same type of service could lead your marketing efforts into a vacuum. With our Business Research service, you will obtain the data and insights needed for clearly identifying you customer segments while refreshing and optimizing your business strategy.

Full Consultancy

With our Full Consultancy Service, clients receive a comprehensive analysis of both internal and external factors affecting their industry, company, and consumers. Along with this, we implement our detailed marketing research methodology to uncover the key insights that explain market data and consumer behaviour. Cultural aspects affecting consumers as well as trends are addressed under this scheme. Also, our Full Consultancy service 

includes the Marketing & Branding package as we not only develop but also implement the whole marketing strategy for your company.

For more information about our services or to create a bespoke package, please contact us.

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