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Neon Buddha

About Neon Buddha

Their story begins in Bolivia, where they designed and created their first collection of hand-knit sweaters, which led them to the jungles and beauty of Thailand, where they opened their first operational facility.

They have been inspired by adventure and travel, from the bamboo pods of the dense Thai jungles to the rich greens and reds of the gardens of Japan to the glistening shells of the Italian coast.

Twenty-five years later, Neon Buddha is a modern fashion brand with a national presence in the United States and Canada that promotes the spirit of exploration in each of their collections.

What were their Objectives?

When Neon Buddha decided to approach Toucan Insights, they were looking to identify and understand their target audience. Due to COVID-19, the firm, which was entirely reliant on retail sales, witnessed a significant loss in income, prompting them to shift their attention to digital channels.

What was the Approach?

The proposed plan was to conduct marketing research and, based on the findings, define the digital implementations that their e-commerce needed to present a more appealing offer and increase sales. 

Adding to a thorough digital audit of the website and social media, the initial marketing research focused on segmenting the target audience in each country, analyzing the main competitors, mapping the layout and consumer journey on the website, studying the promotional campaigns, researching the trends, and identifying the behavioral characteristics and needs affecting the women included in the target groups, amongst others.


The research findings and following implementations allowed Neon Buddha to develop a new and more appealing website that included key features that improved the online customer experience.

Optimized content marketing and SEO strategies were implemented to increase website traffic. Also, a new layout and visuals were designed to meet the target audience's feedback. The new promotional campaign included models that were more similar to the women in the target audience, expanding the age group and making a more inclusive statement. 

What were the Results?

Finally, Neon Buddha was able to boost customer engagement by fully grasping the distinctions, viewpoints, worries, and moments of use between American and Canadian women about the garments they wear.


As a consequence, over the 6-month period after the implementation, the firm greatly increased the number of reviews tenfold while improving the rating.


Furthermore, various keywords were added, increasing the number of visits by 100% (from 4,000 to 8,000), transforming eCommerce into a powerful source of income, connecting digital consumers to the brand, and extending the points of sale.

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