Who we are

Toucan Insights is an international Marketing Research agency specialized in Latin America. The focus of our research is to design the appropriate marketing strategies based on a thorough understanding of the consumers’ decision-making processes and the markets in the Hospitality and Travel & Food and Beverages industries. With toucaners working from Rotterdam (HQ), London, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, we help our clients to reach their objectives by providing them with a comprehensive tailor-made marketing strategy and cutting-edge information.

Toucan Insights counts with the support of globally recognized institutions. Through these organizations, Toucan Insights gains unique access to the latest information available in the market, allowing the agency to provide a cutting-edge marketing research service to companies from all sizes.

Toucan Insights executive team has developed and published cutting edge research in the most prestigious business and marketing magazines in the world as well as on leading media platforms.

What we do

Toucan Insights has developed an innovative marketing research methodology based on the combination of key processes specially designed to understand consumer behavior. This methodology accurately identifies the variables and aspects affecting both consumer behaviour and market dynamics allowing Toucan Insights to reach the maximum level of granularity in each study.

Our marketing research methodology consists of 3 stages.

Marketing Research Stages

*The first stage of the marketing research focuses on obtaining information through three different dimensions: Business Drivers; Market Structure; and Consumer Psychology (each using different techniques, sources of information, business cases, theoretical frameworks, matrices and technologies).

*The second stage of the marketing research presents the results of the study. In addition, it includes the most significant insights along with recommendations on how to maximize the marketing strategy.

*Finally, the third stage of marketing research focuses on expanding the scope of the study. Through the implementation of different marketing techniques and methodologies this stage identifies the aspects that could affect consumers’ decisions in the future.


Toucan Insights’ executive team is formed by experienced professionals from the University of London. Along with a strong academic background, the award-winning team members keep an active role in producing and publishing cutting-edge research in the most prestigious business and marketing magazines in the world.

From a professional perspective, the team’s experience lies in not only a sound career in the Marketing Research industry but also in the Hospitality & Travel; Food & Beverages; Media & Events; Energy & Renewables and Direct Selling.

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