Who we are

Toucan Insights is a Hospitality Marketing Consultancy specialized in analizing consumers and markets through the lens of technology and business research. With toucaners working from Rotterdam (HQ), London, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, we help our clients to reach their objectives by providing them with tailored marketing solutions.


At Toucan Insights, we develop and execute marketing strategies that will equip your business with world-class expertise and management. Based on your goals, we shape the optimal strategy that is right for you. We analize both market structure and consumer behavior through different lenses to provide you with the most accurate fact-based strategy. This includes marketing automation tools, social listening, and a thorough comprehension and development of business research.

We handle it all: from designing and optimizing your website to creating and managing your lead generation and revenue management strategy. Consumer behaviour shifts throughout time and so do preferences and trends. Working together with a hands-on and experienced marketing partner is the best decision you could make for your company. Let us be that partner!

Service Packages

Marketing & Branding

In a nutshell, branding and marketing are two faces of the same coin. Marketing are the communicational actions that you conduct to attract your target while branding focus on the features and details that those communications must have in order to be successful. After analyzing your goals and current situation we will design and manage your marketing communications creating the perfect branding while attracting your target and increasing your revenue as a result. + Branding package as we not only develop but also implement the marketing strategy.

  1. Social Media Management (Instagram, FB, LinkedIn)
  2. Web Design & Optimization
  3. SEO Optimization
  4. Email Marketing campaigns
  5. Corporate Identity
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Revenue Management with Channel Manager (exclusively for Hotels).

Business Research

Almost all companies in the world have different types of consumers. Millennials as well as consumers from other generations, like Gen Z or Baby Boomers have different purchasing preferences. Assuming that your customers are all equal and expect the same type of service could lead your marketing efforts into a vacuum. With our Business Research service, you will obtain the data and insights needed for you to identify you customer segments while refreshing and optimizing your business strategy. + Branding package as we not only develop but also implement.

  1. Business Cases
  2. Market Breakdown
  3. Consumer Segmentation & Mapping
  4. Social Listening & Online Communities Analysis
  5. Culture & Trends affecting your target
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Competitors Analysis
  8. Correlational Analysis
  9. Pricing Strategy
  10. Business Strategy

Full Consultancy

Under our Consultancy Service, clients receive a comprehensive analysis of both internal and external factors affecting their industry, company, and consumers. Along with this, we implement our detailed marketing research methodology to uncover the key insights that explain market data and consumer behavior. Cultural aspects affecting consumers as well as trends are addressed in this scheme. Also, our Full Consultancy service includes the Marketing & Branding package as we not only develop but also implement the whole marketing strategy for your company.

  1. Internal Analysis
  2. Business Context & Scenario
  3. Goals, Planning & Resources
  4. Field & Desk Research
  5. Market Breakdown
  6. Consumer Segmentation & Mapping
  7. Social Listening & Online Communities Analysis
  8. Competitors Analysis
  9. Competitive Position
  10. Identification of Potential Markets and Consumers
  11. Correlational Analysis
  12. Culture & Trends affecting your target
  13. Future Scenario Modelling
  14. Marketing Strategy Development & Implementation
  15. Growth Hacking
  16. Design Thinking
  17. 24/7 Marketing Consultancy


Claudia Ivonne Uribe Garcia
Market Research Manager

“Seeking to thoroughly understand the most important tourist areas of the country (Mexico) and the characteristics of the travelers, we decided to contact Toucan Insights…Thanks to the detailed desk-research and information presented by Toucan Insights we had a much clearer perspective of the markets. The outcome of this work allowed us to identify key areas of opportunity to improve our service offerings based on a thorough understanding of the consumers’ behavior.”

Forbes México
Print edition / December 2019

“The tourism gurus have spoken and these are the tourist paradises that await your visit…in an era of overwhelming technology, the eagerness of travelers to disconnect and literally escape from daily hyper connectivity opens unsuspected routes. Gastón Käufer Barbé, CEO of Toucan Insights, points out that this factor opens the way for nature and urban destinations…adventure and cultural experiences in these destinations are totally immersive… “.

Claudia Ledesma
Sales Manager

“When I was working for Stara Hotels we decided to contact Toucan Insights knowing that they were specialists in the hospitality industry. At that time we wanted to improve our marketing strategy and increase our sales..the insights and information presented by the Toucan Insights allowed us to implement the strategies tailored to our business and to achieve the proposed business objectives. In the end, thanks to the insights and recommendations, we were also able to reduce our costs and improve customer satisfaction.”


Toucan Insights and its Executive Team featured on the most prestigious media and business journals.


Toucan Insights’ executive team is formed by experienced professionals from the University of London. Along with a strong academic background, the award-winning team members keep an active role in producing and publishing cutting-edge research in the most prestigious business and marketing magazines in the world.

From a professional perspective, the team’s experience lies in not only a sound career in the Marketing Research industry but also in the Hospitality & Travel; Food & Beverages; Media & Events; Energy & Renewables and Direct Selling.

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