Who we are

Toucan Insights is an international Marketing Research agency specializing in Latin America that seeks to shed light on the behavioural forces shaping consumers’ decision-making processes in the Hospitality & Travel and Food & Beverages industries. With toucaners operating from Rotterdam (HQ), London, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, we aim to help our clients to better understand their consumers and market dynamics.

Toucan Insights’ team is formed by extensively published scholars from the prestigious University of London. Adding to our team’s credentials are the awards, participation in events and research they have conducted and published in the most recognized marketing and business magazines in the world.

Toucan Insights is supported by worldwide prestigious institutions that allow the agency to provide a cutting-edge marketing research service to companies from all sizes as well as to other entities in need of research.

Toucan Insights executive team has developed and published cutting edge research in the most prestigious business and marketing magazines in the world as well as on leading media platforms.

What we do

Toucan Insights has developed a comprehensive and innovative marketing research methodology based on the combination of key elements specially designed to thoroughly understand the variables and aspects affecting consumer behaviour. Our state-of-the-art research methodology consists of 3 phases:

*The first phase involves researching and sourcing information through three separate dimensions: Business Drivers; Market Structure; and Consumers Psychology (each containing different methods, tools, sources, business cases, frameworks, matrices, and technologies).

*The second phase involves the presentation of the research findings, insights and actionable decisions derived from the first phase.

*The third phase involves expanding the research outcome by incorporating a broader set of insights aimed at understanding what other aspects could impact on your target’s decisions in the future.


Toucan Insights’ executive team is formed by experienced professionals who had developed key roles in not only the Marketing Research industry but also in Hospitality & Travel; Food & Beverages; Media & Events; Energy & Renewables; Surface Coatings; and Direct Selling.

Along with this sound professional background, our team outstands for having a deep commitment with developing quality research in the academic field and for understanding consumers’ needs through in-depth investigations. Together, we share the same passion for understanding the aspects and variables shaping consumer behaviour and their respective impact in business.

Contact Us

Thank you very much for your interest in our services! We are delighted to help you take your business into the next level. Please, complete the following form or send us an email to team@toucaninsights.com and we will contact you shortly.