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Toucan Insights is an award-winning digital marketing agency that provides online marketing solutions to companies that aim to excel in the 21st century. 

Toucan Insights' comprehensive internet marketing services are designed to provide clients with full support including Market Research; BrandingSEO; Content Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Lead Generation; Email Marketing; Digital Advertising and our-award winning Hospitality Marketing.


Up to date, we have developed projects for companies in 4 continents and 30+ countries, including the Netherlands; United Kingdom; United States of America; Canada; Mexico; Chile; Colombia; Kuwait; South Africa; Cameroon; Nigeria; Argentina; and Costa Rica, to name a few.


At Toucan Insights, we develop and execute digital marketing strategies that will equip your business with world-class marketing solutions. Our digital marketing services are designed to attract target consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel thus nurturing potential leads as well as companies that do not know about you yet.


Toucan Insights' digital marketing services are conducted through top marketing automation tools, research industry databases, technological platforms, cloud-based technology, and decades of hands-on marketing experience developing market research and marketing strategies for companies located around the globe.

Clients Testimonials

Claudia Ivonne Uribe Garcia

Market Research Manager

“Seeking to thoroughly understand the most important tourist areas of the country (Mexico) and the characteristics of the travellers, we decided to contact Toucan Insights…Thanks to the detailed desk-research and information presented by Toucan Insights we had a much clearer perspective of the markets. The outcome of this work allowed us to identify key areas of opportunity to improve our service offerings based on a thorough understanding of the consumers’ behaviour.”


Hoteles City Express is a Public Company listed in the Mexican stock exchange (HCITY). This hospitality group was founded in 2002 and currently counts with more than 150 properties in 4 countries.


Stara Hotels is an exclusive Boutique Hotel Chain member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection. The company currently has 4 properties in Mexico City.

Claudia Ledesma

Sales Manager

“When I was working for Stara Hotels we decided to contact Toucan Insights knowing that they were specialists in the hospitality industry. At that time we wanted to improve our marketing strategy and increase our sales. The insights and information presented by the Toucan Insights allowed us to implement the strategies tailored to our business and to achieve the proposed business objectives. In the end, thanks to the insights and recommendations, we were also able to reduce our costs and improve customer satisfaction.”

Our #marketing expertise credentials also include



Toucan Insights is constantly producing, publishing, and collaborating in the creation of marketing content. As an integral aspect of our DNA, sharing knowledge through academic articles, books, media collaborations, and our digital marketing blog is the best expression of our passion to promote and share marketing's best practices. Our extensively published team members stand out for having being featured in the most recognized media companies in the world.



Toucan Insights’ executive team is formed by prestigious academics that have been working in Marketing for decades. Among the areas that have shaped the professional background of the team highlight conducting market research studies, analyzing consumer behaviour, developing marketing strategies, and designing digital marketing plans and strategies for companies located around the globe.


Along with this, the award-winning team members keep an active role both in the professional field as well as in the academia. Moreover, the toucaners have collaborated with the most prestigious media companies, business journals and marketing magazines in the world such as BBC, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes. To conclude, presenting their work and views at recognized marketing and business events is part of the ADN of the Toucan Insights’ team.

With respect to the team's industry expertise highlight Hospitality & Travel; Food & Beverages; Fashion; Education; Media & Events; Energy & Renewables and Direct Selling.

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