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Hoteles City Express

About Hoteles City Express

Hoteles City Express is a Mexican hotel chain founded in 2002 with more than 150 hotels in Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico.

Hoteles City Express, born with the objective of serving a strategic market niche: the business traveler segment, has become the fastest-growing hotel chain in Mexico in recent years.

As a result of this growth and the successful completion of its IPO, it was listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

What were their Objectives?

Toucan Insights was contacted by Hoteles City Express to analyze the consumer behavior of the guests in each of the properties of the hotel.


The company was seeking to understand the consumer trends impacting their segment of visitors in a broad range of aspects.


The goal was to identify these aspects and implement them as strategies in their digital channels and services.

What was the Approach?

The main elements investigated were:

  • the sales channels (online and offline) used by the guests to acquire the services; 

  • the organic and paid strategies implemented by the firm.

  • the behavior of the guests based on the channel through which they have acquired the service (traditional agency, OTA, business client, MICE, B2B online agency, events); 

  • the types of preferred destinations and the offerings they should include to attract each guest segment (urban vs. rural properties);

  • the competitors (by location, category, and services); 

  • the mobility preference (private car vs. public transport); 

  • the preferences by age group (expected services, promotions, and trends impacting each age group and guest segment); 

  • competitors' marketing communications and campaigns (social media, websites, ads, promotions, fidelity programs, etc.);

  • domestic vs. international tourists per destination;

  • preferred travel distance from home;

  • average daily expenditure per type of traveler;

  • travel purposes;

  • hotel average occupancy by market and category.


As a result of this research, we implemented a new digital marketing strategy to increase organic traffic, with a focus on attracting non-business travelers to the hotel chain. Additionally, a new approach and services aimed at attracting business clients have been added to the offering, enhancing the accommodation and event spaces. 

What were the Results?

The results allowed the company to fine-tune their offerings to each segment of clients and implement new services and promotions to strengthen the relationship with their customer base and attract prospects.


Additionally, a new website design with an optimized consumer journey was implemented, allowing visitors to easily book their stays. New keywords and content were added, driving new visitors to the website and increasing the number of organic visitors by more than 100% in the year after the implementation, reaching 410,000 organic monthly visitors.

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