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Branding Agency

What is Branding and why do you need it?


In a nutshell, Marketing and Branding are two sides of the same coin, and both are needed to develop sound corporate communications with a unique brand design. It is for this reason that distinguishing them accordingly is very important.


On the one hand, we have marketing, which focuses on specifying the channels and types of communications that a company will use to inform and attract its target audience.


On the other hand, branding, with a compelling brand design, concentrates on the design aspects that these communications must have in order to be successful and achieve the objectives established for attracting a specific target.


In general, the term corporate branding is reduced to a handful of aspects, such as the name of the company, the logo, the slogan, the typography, etc. These aspects are undoubtedly part of the whole process and directly affect brand design, but there are also other aspects that we should pay attention to as they also build consumer perception of your brand.

How can Toucan Insights help you with your corporate branding?


Our branding agency will conduct research and try different designs, among other tasks, in order to create the best image for your company.


At Toucan Insights, through our corporate branding agency, we reverse the marketing and branding process, placing your target audience, together with the trends impacting it, at the center. The branding (or re-branding) strategies will position your company in the right way in order to attract your target.


Presenting your corporate branding in a cohesive way will allow your target audience to distinguish you among your competitors in your industry while allowing you to highlight your value proposition in a much more clear way.


Some of the communication channels that will benefit from a sound corporate branding strategy are social media, SEO, email marketing, and advertising. 

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