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Meet our Team

Toucan Insights’ marketing team is formed by prestigious academics that have been working in Marketing for decades.


Among the areas that have shaped the professional background of the team highlight conducting marketing research studies, analyzing consumer behaviour, developing marketing strategies, and designing digital marketing plans and strategies for companies located around the globe.


Along with this, the award-winning marketing team keep an active role both in the professional field, collaborating and being featured by the most prestigious media, as well as in academia.

Pauline Maclaran

Consumer Behaviour Expert

sander van tiggelen

Financial Advisor

Sander Van Tiggelen

Susana Nuez

Social Media Manager

Susana Nuez García

deborah meesters

Administrative Assistant

Deborah Meesters

Octavio Murekian

Digital Marketing Coordinator

diego feldman

Hospitality & Travel Manager

Diego Feldman

frank schouten

Tax Advisor

Frank Schouten

Francesca Albano

Content Marketing Manager

Francesca Albano

Giana Eckhardt

Marketing Research Expert

ana margolis

Market Research Specialist

Ana Margolis

Luis Tabatabai

SEO & Web Design Manager

Luis Tabatabai Molins 

Shivam Kulkarni

Digital Marketing Assistant

Shivam Kulkarni

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