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Gaston Kaufer Barbe, MBA

Gaston Kaufer Barbe is a marketing professional with a distinguished career spanning over 15 years, honed at renowned blue-chip companies such as Coca-Cola and Avon Cosmetics. With a track record of driving impactful marketing strategies, Gaston has earned recognition as an award-winning leader in the field.

In 2018, Gaston embarked on a new chapter by founding Toucan Insights, where he assumed the role of CEO. Since its inception, Gaston has spearheaded the agency to remarkable heights, overseeing a diverse portfolio of projects catering to multinational corporations and SMEs across various industries.


Under Gaston's leadership, Toucan Insights has successfully executed projects for companies spanning more than 30 countries, cementing its reputation as a global marketing powerhouse.

Beyond his role at Toucan Insights, Gaston has been a prominent figure in the business world, having been featured multiple times in Forbes magazine and other business publications as a trusted marketing expert. His insights and expertise have provided invaluable guidance to industry professionals and aspiring marketers alike.

In addition to his contributions to the business world, Gaston is deeply committed to academia, where he serves as a guest lecturer in marketing for prestigious universities in the United Kingdom (University of Greenwich) and the United States (University of Arizona). Through his collaboration with academia, Gaston shares his wealth of knowledge and industry insights, inspiring the next generation of marketing leaders.

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