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Internet Marketing Advertising Agency - Toucan Insights

Internet Marketing Advertising Agency

Internet Marketing Advertising Agency | Toucan Insights

¿What is an Internet Marketing Advertising Agency and how can it help promote your products?

Digital advertising is the practice by which companies and professionals promote their products or services online through digital platforms. This is done by our Internet Marketing Advertising Agency through online advertisements, which present the offerings to a defined target audience located in specific markets.

Digital advertising is divided into four main channels: search, display, social, and video. Paid search, PPC, search engine marketing, search ads, and text ads are all terms used to describe search advertising. Here we'll explain 3 of them while social could be found in social media services.

On the search engine results page (SERP), you can find text-based advertisements called search advertising. These can be found at the top, bottom, and sometimes on the side of results and are displayed following the user's search terms. Search ads also include Google Shopping. Google is preferred, however, Bing is an option for search ads.


The advertisements you see on websites and applications are referred to as display ads or banner ads. These are image-based search advertisements rather than text-based search ads, and they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Google Display Network is perhaps one of the most well-known of the many networks on which you can run display advertisements.

Video advertisements are supported by social and display networks, however, in this case, we're talking about video as a channel rather than a format. What is *the* video channel, though the world of OTT and video streaming can be complex? of course, YouTube. YouTube advertisements include both nonvideo ads that display above videos and in search results as well as video commercials that play before, after, and during videos.

How can Toucan Insights Internet Marketing Advertising Agency help you with your ads?

At Toucan Insights, through our Internet Marketing Advertising Agency, we have managed tens of thousands of euros for our clients in digital advertising over the past years. During this process, we've identified the key aspects that a campaign must have to drive the expected results. 


Maximizing conversion rates while perfecting and optimizing the campaign is of utmost importance for our Internet Marketing Advertising Agency. For this reason, daily monitoring plays a huge role in perfecting the campaign and making the tweaks that the campaign needs to reach the target audience in the best way.

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