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Toucan Insights Academy

Digital Marketing Courses

for real businesses that want to boost their online traffic and develop effective marketing communications without spending a penny on ads

Boost Your Marketing and Digital Channels With Our Step-by-Step Course

In Search Marketing, you can take 2 approaches :
Organic or Paid (ads), but...

digital marketing courses
digital marketing courses
digital marketing courses

Organic traffic is by far the preferred option internet users click on, and this course will explain how to
develop an organic approach from scratch

digital marketing courses
digital marketing courses
digital marketing courses


Why Do SME's Fail?

In this webinar we will cover

Ineffective Marketing initiatives together with lack of research are among the main causes small businesses fail

Small Business, Big Reach: Nurturing Digital Growth includes a comprehensive Marketing Research module developed in a step-by-step manner that will help you create effective marketing initiatives 

Small Business, Big Reach: Nurturing Digital Growth explains in a step-by-step manner the 5 main areas needed to develop a sound organic strategy

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Customers will access their digital products after completing the online payment. Also, a confirmation email will be sent containing a link to download the product. 

About Gastón Käufer Barbé
and Toucan Insights

With over 15 years of experience working for prestigious corporations like Coca-Cola and Avon Cosmetics, Gaston Kaufer Barbe is an award-winning marketing specialist. Besides this, Gaston also collaborates with Forbes and BrainZ magazine as a digital marketing expert. Moreover, he has also mentored aspiring marketing professionals and given guest lectures at several UK universities on marketing.

He became the CEO and founder of Toucan Insights in 2018. Ever since, Gastón's primary focus has been on overseeing the agency and its projects, which include international corporations and small and medium-sized businesses from various industries. The organization has executed successful projects for businesses in over 30 countries to date.

Toucan Insights is an Amsterdam-based full-service digital marketing agency aimed at providing firms with a clear digital marketing scheme needed to attract their target audience and boost sales.

What Will You Get?

  1. 214 pages designed in a step-by-step manner, so you will be able to immediately start implementing the concepts addressed throughout each module into your business.

  2. A course divided into the main 5 modules that you need to understand how digital marketing is connected and to develop a sound organic digital strategy without spending a penny on ads. The 5 modules are Marketing Research, Branding, SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

  3. 2 Case studies introduced in Module 1 (Marketing Research) that will guide you from scratch on how you need to conduct research applicable to your business.

  4. Business cases in each module aimed at enhancing learning with practical and real-world examples.

  5. 100+ free complementary online resources (linked in the course) that will expand your knowledge and allow you to gain a broader perspective on the subject

  6. Introduction to tools and best practices that you can implement in your digital channels right away

  7. The latest trends and tips that are shaping the way in which marketing research is evolving

  8. 5 checklists. Each module contains its own checklist to help you keep track of your progress on the implementations in each module.

For Whom is This 

  1. SME owners and Entrepreneurs that want to expand their digital marketing knowledge and boost their online presence with fact-based solutions and clear guidance.

  2. Business owners (and independent professionals) that want to manage their own digital marketing channels and/or increase their knowledge in the field to obtain better outcomes with applicable case studies and real-world business cases.

  3. Students who are preparing themselves to develop a career in digital marketing and want to expand their knowledge to position themselves in the best way.

  4. Marketing enthusiasts who want to start their digital marketing journey on the right foot and understand about each discipline and how they are connected.


  • SEO Introduction

  • On Page SEO

  • Create Unique and Helpful Content

  • Strategically Place Target Keywords

  • Write Title Tags that are Rich in Keywords

  • Make Meta Descriptions that are Click-Worthy

  • Use Headings & Subheadings

  • Optimize URL

  • Add Internal and External links

  • Include and Optimize Images

  • Number of Webpages

  • Attracting & Engaging Visitors

  • On Page Advanced SEO

  • Off Page SEO

  • Link Building

  • Content Marketing

  • Local SEO

  • Reviews

  • 6 Main SEO Trends shaping the industry

  • Social Media Marketing Introduction

  • How to Integrate Social Media. What? Where? How?

  • Social Media Networks by Generation

  • How and Why to Spice Up Your Social Language

  • When to Post? Best Times to Post on Social Media

  • Engagement: The Key to Social Media Success

  • Engagement: How to Measure it

  • 3 Main Social Media Trends shaping the industry

  • Marketing Research Introduction

  • Why is Marketing Research Important?

  • How Can Marketing Research Help Me?

  • Key Sales Business Metrics

  • Types of Research: Primary & Secondary

  • Goal setting

  • Market & Competitor Research

  • Consumer Research

  • Mistakes in a Marketing Research

  • Customer Experience Research

  • Analysis & Findings Implementation

  • 4 Main Marketing Research Trends shaping the industry.

  • Branding Introduction

  • How to Implement Branding in your Strategy?

  • Positioning: Why is it Key?

  • Why Businesses need Branding?

  • The Importance of Visual Elements in Branding

  • Key Channels to Show a Cohesive Branding

  • Brand Voice

  • The Significance of a Brand Promise

  • Brand Story

  • The Importance of a Positive Business Reputation

  • Brand Perception

  • Brand Representative

  • Brand Colors

  • The Impact of Color on Human Behavior

  • 3 Main Branding Trends shaping the industry.

  • Content Marketing Introduction

  • How Can you Include Content Marketing in your Strategy?

  • Target Audience: Is Everyone at the Same Funnel Stage?

  • Creating Effective TOFU Content to Build Awareness

  • Guiding Prospects through the Middle of the Funnel

  • Effective Bottom-of-Funnel Content for Conversions

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • The Importance of a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Tips for Developing a Great Content Marketing Strategy

  • Key Content Marketing Statistics

  • Content Tools: To research and understand your audience

  • Content Tools: To create and perfect your content

  • ChatGPT: The Disruptive Queen of AI Tools

  • AI Pitfalls

  • 4 Main Content Marketing Trends that are shaping the industry

Buy the full course or each course module separately

Customers will access their digital products after completing the online payment. Also, a confirmation email will be sent containing a link to download the product. 

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