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Amigos de la universidad

Dale Kietzman University
(EEUU + 31 African Countries)

About Dale Kietzman University

Dale Kietzman University is a private Christian university located in Utah and California, USA. Additionally, the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cameroon has accredited the institution as a higher education center.

Dale Kietzman University was established in 2007, and it was later accredited as a university in 2011. Currently, the student headcount is approximately 150,000.

What were their Objectives?

Dale Kietzman University had an ambitious and specific plan that included identifying and quantifying the number of potential students for their programs in Utah and California. Also, they wanted to determine the tuition for each program needed to reach a specific goal.


Additionally, they sought to explore and comprehend the student population on the African continent to extend its presence by attracting students from the most suitable countries.


With these goals in mind, DKU approached Toucan Insights.

What was the Approach?

After analyzing the situation, we define the stages necessary to reach the objectives most efficiently. The first step was conducting marketing research in the 2 cities and on the African continent. From the initial 54 countries, the research ended up focusing on the 31 that presented a better fit for DKU programs.

What were the Results?

The marketing research findings shed light on all the variables needed to determine the number of students per discipline, educational level, target, tuition, and, in the case of African students, the percentage of the population capable of financing the costs of the programs in each of the 31 countries.


With this information, we provided the data to develop the digital approach needed to attract the selected audience at each location. The proposal included a breakdown by quarter of all the organic, social media, and advertising actions and implementations to be developed on each one of them, plus the redesign of the website.

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