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Email Marketing Agency

What is Email Marketing and why do you need it?


Email marketing is one of the oldest and most common approaches companies utilize for marketing and sales purposes. It has proven to be a great tool for building and maintaining relationships with current customers, driving and nurturing leads, and boosting sales.


Email marketing also plays an important role in communicating promotions and news and reinforcing brand awareness.


Through email campaigns, companies can personalize their communications and segment their audience based on their preferences.


In addition, being able to measure the actions taken by each recipient on every email campaign that you send provides valuable information that will help perfect future campaigns.


How can Toucan Insights help you with your Email Marketing campaigns?

Toucan Insights' email marketing services offer businesses a solid email marketing strategy that combines relevant content with a customized design. Our approach will provide you with full visibility into the performance of each campaign and the interactions of your recipients with your emails.

The goal of our email marketing service is to improve the performance of your email campaigns by increasing the number of clicks and directing recipients to the adequate landing pages, with the appropriate content, on your website.

Toucan Insights Email Marketing service will help your business to:       


  • Reach the right target audience in a personalized way through email campaigns.

  • Increase and measure the traffic to your website (SEO) or any other landing page for each email campaign.

  • Target different audiences with messages designed especially for each one of them.

  • Track user behavior by measuring which email campaign content is clicked.

  • A clean database approach guarantees no spamming of your database.

  • Easy registration and cancellation process to your email marketing communications.

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