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Toucan Insights is an award-winning digital marketing agency. Our last recognition arrived in 2023, and on this occasion we received the award for Best European Digital Marketing Agency 2023 from the London-based Innovation in Business - MarTech Awards.

Previously, in October 2020, in the United Kingdom, we received the prestigious Best Specialist Hospitality Marketing Consulting award granted by the EU Business Awards.

This accolade adds to the previous recognitions that the executive team members have received for their contributions and results achieved in the marketing field.


In 2015, the Argentine Marketing Association through a jury of more than 40 recognized academics and professionals granted the prestigious Premio Mercurio Award (SME Hospitality & Travel category) to Gaston Kaufer Barbe and the team he directed for the marketing implementations and results achieved during a 3-year period in which, among others, company's revenue increased by more than 103%.

Gaston Kaufer Barbe - Premio Asociacion Argentina de Marketing

In 1999, the American Marketing Association together with the Sheth Foundation granted Giana Eckhardt

the Doctoral Consortium Award.

The Sheth Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop and recognize scholars and scholarship in marketing globally and further the development of marketing thought.

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