Octavio Murekian, MBA


Octavio Murekian is a marketing and consumer behaviour expert with experience in global marketing at both B2B and B2C level. Octavio has held high responsibility positions in both B2C and B2B research and marketing. His B2C and FMCG experience is derived from his role as Marketing & Sales Director for a Latin American soft drinks company based in Paraguay. He then continued his career in B2B by becoming Global Projects and Research Director at a market leading media and events company based in London, England. Octavio has taken part in commercial research and marketing campaigns in both North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and Africa. Octavio has lived in over 10 countries and 15 cities across North and South America and Europe. He holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of St. Andrews and an MBA from UoL. Currently he is completing his PhD in Consumer Behaviour from the University of London.




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