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With hundreds of millions of people interacting daily on their platforms, Social media marketing is now more than ever a must in any marketing strategy.

Understanding the language, tone, and design features of each social media channel is key to engaging your target audience with creative marketing content that will boost your brand awareness. Having a bespoke content marketing strategy for social media is of utmost importance to communicate and engage with your target effectively while addressing their needs in a valuable and creative way.


Through Toucan Insights' social media management services, companies receive a clear and fact-based social media marketing plan designed to increase their brand awareness. By leveraging your company's brand with creative marketing communications tailored for each social media platform, we will make your target identify your company with valuable and strategic content marketing.


Our social media management services focus first on auditing the current state of your social media platforms, which includes identifying the characteristics and behaviour of your target in each social media platform. Our digital natives then design and implement the marketing communications around the topics identified during the audit, following a strategic social media plan. By taking this approach we not only create eye-catching content but we add the strategic marketing lens needed to boost your brand.

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