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Social Media Marketing

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¿How It Works?

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¿Why Social Media Marketing is important?


Social media marketing is now more than ever a must in any marketing strategy. 


In 2020, the population of social media platforms is 3.6 billion and the average user spent 2 hours and 24 minutes per day, observing advertising on social media. According to statistics, the global population of daily social media users will grow to 4.41 billion in 2025. 


Advertising on social media is successful when you understand the language, tone, and design features. The design is what sets you apart from your competition assisting you in receiving the desired reaction or sensation from your customers.

Social media marketing research is key to understanding your customers and marketing strategy and conveying through social media management on a daily basis. Social media marketing provides a direct communications line to your target audience.


We will make your target audience

identify themselves with your company

through a social media audit and a

valuable and social media marketing



Toucan Insights leverages your company’s

brand with creative marketing communications tailored for each social media platform. 


What can toucan insights do in my social networks?


Our social media marketing agency focuses first on auditing the current state of your social media management, which includes identifying the characteristics and behavior of your target in each social media platform.


Our social media marketing agency will then design and implement the communications around the topics identified during the social media audit, following a strategic social media marketing plan.


Social media marketing builds trust through interactions on social media platforms.


Benefits of having a social media agency

By taking this approach we add the strategic marketing lens needed for the social media audit to boost your brand through customer interaction. 

Toucan Insights' social media marketing agency provides you a clear and fact-based marketing strategy designed to increase sales through your social media management.


The future posts on your social media platforms have tactical and operational guidelines which combine to establish efficient social media management through consumer interactions.


Our social media marketing agency not only creates designs for eye-catching content, but also constructs content. Content marketing attracts new customers by publishing original and relevant content and showing you’re an experienced, authoritative leader in your field.


Content marketing builds consumer trust through knowledge. The content can either educate or entertain audiences, but it should be valuable enough for viewers to share or link to in their own content.


Having bespoke content marketing for social media marketing is of utmost importance to communicate and engage with your target audience effectively and address their needs in a valuable and creative way.

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