Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an excellent digital marketing strategy when it comes to boost your brand as well as to track user behaviour on a segmented market.


Through email marketing campaigns companies can personalise their communications and also segment the audience based on the content of their messages.


Furthermore, it guarantees that the content will land directly into the inbox of the recipient, allowing companies to also measure the actions that the target takes on the email.

Toucan Insights Email Marketing strategy will help your business to:       


  • Reach the right target audience in a personalised way.

  • Increase and measure the traffic to your website (SEO) or any other landing page for each email marketing campaign.

  • Target different audiences with messages designed especially for each one of them.

  • Track user behaviour by measuring which content is clicked.

  • Clean database approach guaranteeing no spamming your database.

  • Easy registration and cancellation process to your email communications.

With the help of marketing automation tools we could set email marketing campaigns to reach hundreds or thousands of recipients straight into their inbox.

Toucan Insights' email marketing services provide companies with a sound email marketing strategy that combine the right content with a tailored  design.


The aim is to boost your campaign performance by increasing the number of clicks and directing the recipients to the landing pages you want them to visit while boosting you brand.

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