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King Content: What is Content Marketing & 5 Reasons Why you Need It.

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Over 70% of all website clicks are happening on the first page of Google.

Search engines are based on algorithms, and in recent years those algorithms have become more sophisticated and clever.

They have one goal, and that is to reward good content creation by placing these websites at the top of the search results page.

Creating valuable content for the user leads to more clicks and higher conversion rates, which is exactly what Google wants.

It is not surprising why content marketing has become a must in every marketing strategy in almost every organization.

The reason why its popularity has risen is that it generates a win-win situation for both the consumer and the company.

The goal of content marketing is to provide value to the target audience through the development of different content formats that are aimed at addressing the target’s needs.

Among the format options lie texts in the form of articles, images, videos, and infographics, to name a few.

Currently, 91% of B2B marketers say they use content marketing for their digital marketing strategies.

Valuable content comes in different flavors

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Educational content: New knowledge is being introduced to explain a topic and answer key questions to the readers.

Entertaining content: Connecting with readers on an emotional level makes the content more engaging and attractive than other types of approaches.

This type of content is very prone to get shared.

Inspirational content: Relatable stories about personal challenges or successes are the most effective form of inspirational content.

Storytelling has the power to make readers identify and empathize with the content, which as a result could lead to an increase in the number of shares.

Marketing in the 21st century

In the early days, marketing strategies focused on creating the best viable product or service and advertised the characteristics of a determined offering by highlighting its quality and practical uses.

Nowadays, the communicational approach must be based on the customer and the value that they will receive with the offering.

This marketing scheme demands companies to educate their target with clever and catchy marketing messages that will position them as the best option to address a specific need.

Instead of communicating the products from a production/quality perspective, companies must now earn the hearts of their consumers through valuable content including clear explanations, flexible deliveries, and returns policies, and responsive customer service.

Companies should address all these elements in their content marketing strategy as they encompass the key aspects that will make their target audience trust, buy, and recommend (rate) them.

Customer Journey: How to make them find and fall for you?

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Just like at the beginning of every relationship, each party aims to see if their partner fulfills their checklist. In the business world, exactly the same happens between companies and customers.

Due to the high convenience and easy-to-access information on the internet, users have a higher standard regarding what valuable content is.

Therefore, users expect to find the best answers and invest their time in a smart way.

In order to capture the attention of your target audience, you have to identify their needs and provide them value in the form of answers to their questions.

Besides giving them answers to their questions, there are other ways to attract their attention and keep them coming back to you.

We explain those tips in our guide about Content marketing strategy: How to stand out from the crowd.

Why content marketing should be everyone’s priority

Between 70-80% of people ignore advertisements on Google, clicking only on websites that pop-up within the organic search results.

This is the reason why great content marketing pieces attract so many visitors to the websites throughout time.

This way, you will keep them engaged with your website's content and as a result, they will likely become your customers.

47% of consumers view between 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before deciding to contact the organization.

This highlights the importance for a company to show their expertise in their field, and it will help them to establish themselves as an authority.

This will keep your customers coming back to you as you provide them with content they can trust.

That will result in more people advocating your brand, which leads to an increase in sign-ups, sales, and the number of new customers.

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Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Your Marketing. Now!

1 - Increases your ranking on Google

The primary focus of Google’s algorithm is to match the search intent of users with the content that best answers their specific questions.

That’s where content marketing comes in by providing answers to people’s needs.

Companies that are able to provide valuable information are the ones that will be rewarded by Google's algorithm and pop-up on the first page of the search results.

2 - Generates quality traffic

Content marketing is one of the most powerful strategies to bring the target audience to your website.

By providing relevant content for a specific market segment, you will be able to engage with a type of audience that is particularly seeking to expand its knowledge about it.

This way only the people interested in this type of content will find the way to you.

Being aware of the needs of your audience gives you a better indication regarding their interest in your brand.

By deeply understanding this, you would be able to develop the type of content that matches their wants and make them engage with your brand through different actions, like signing up to your newsletter or requesting more information.

Lastly, the best kind of traffic is the one that engages with your content and shares it, for example on social media.

This will further increase your traffic from different sources and spread awareness.

3 - Drives sales

From the two previous points, it is easy to conclude that driving more people to your website will bring in more sales.

Creating useful content for your target audience gives them the opportunity to know your company.

As more people position your brand name as an authority or trustworthy provider, they will be more likely to buy your offering and recommend it to their network.

We have seen that on average people review 3 to 5 pieces of content from a specific company before engaging in a transaction.

A great way to boost sales is to combine content marketing with paid advertisements.

By doing this the number of people in contact with your communications will be broader and as a result, sales will tend to increase.

If you want to know how your content marketing strategy can drive sales or increase your web traffic, continue reading How to succeed with content marketing: 8 useful tips to include in your strategy.

4 - Gain a loyal customer base

Sharing your knowledge for free is one of the best ways to grab people’s attention and keep them coming to you when having similar needs.

In the early days, companies used to focus on creating catchy headlines aimed to sell instead of focusing on providing real value through their communications.

Providing content with a purpose for the user is one of the safest ways to build a loyal customer base.

5 - Build authority for your niche

After you have gained trust from a good number of people (lots of clicks on Google), your brand will become a reputable source of knowledge.

Gaining widespread recognition in your industry is one of the best strategies to stay relevant in the long-term.

Ideally, you would want your organization to be on top of people’s minds when they think about your industry.

Becoming a recognized and trustworthy figure is the key to bring in more potential customers to your company and drive sales.

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