Marketing Research

couple conducting marketing research

Marketing research is the process by which a defined market is analyzed with the aim of understanding the variables and aspects that shape both companies and consumers.


Among the most popular approaches to market and consumer research are the collection of quantitative data and qualitative information, and within them, you've probably heard of surveys, interviews, social listening, A/B testing, etc.


The end goal of consumer research is to thoroughly understand consumer preferences in the market you are planning to offer (or you currently are) your services including a thorough competitors' analysis.


Also, marketing research serves as the initial phase for implementing other marketing communications such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and a digital advertising campaign because it will bring accurate and fact-based data about the target consumers.

In today's world of marketing it is possible to conduct consumer research studies on online platforms.


Consumer research analyzes consumer behaviour and through a comprehensive digital marketing approach we can not only identify exactly who your consumer is but also pinpoint the pains they are having and that your company could solved with the right offering. 

By combining different market and consumer research techniques with the best marketing tools, Toucan Insights can identify the pains that your target is aiming to solve as well as the needs that your competitors are not properly serving with their services.


As a result, Toucan Insights produces a detailed marketing research study that identifies the pains in your target and creates bespoke solutions directed to solve your target consumers' needs; positioning your company as the best option.

Once you have a clear idea of the characteristics of your market, of your competitors, and of the aspects that your target is craving to solve but no competitor is listening, we'll help you position your company with a unique branding strategy aimed to make your company stand out from your competition.


Eventually, consumers will opt for the company that provides a unique offering to address their needs. 

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