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Marketing Research

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¿What is Marketing Research?


Marketing research is the process by which a defined market analysis is performed with the aim of understanding the variables and aspects that shape both companies and consumers.


Market research companies identify new customers, get to know your existing ones and set realistic targets for your business. The market analysis is performed by expert market research analysts in market and consumer research.


¿Why marketing research is important?


Marketing research is important because the insights develop new and effective strategies and often solve big business challenges, so your company can focus on investigating expansion opportunities in your industry.


The end goal of consumer research is to thoroughly understand consumer preferences through market analysis and consumer research; to offer (or you currently are) your services directly to your target audience, including a thorough competitors' analysis.


Also, marketing research companies serve the research phase as the initial foundation for implementing other marketing communications such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and a digital advertising

campaign because it will bring accurate

and fact-based data about the target



Among the most popular approaches

of market analysis in market and

consumer research are the collection

of quantitative data and qualitative

information, and within them, you've

probably heard of surveys, interviews,

social listening, A/B testing, etc.


In today's world of marketing research it is possible to conduct consumer research studies on online platforms. Therefore, market research analysts can tell the efficiency and effectiveness of our campaigns.


¿How a marketing research agency can help me? 


Consumer research analyzes consumer behavior and through a comprehensive digital marketing approach we can not only identify exactly who your consumer is but also pinpoint the pains they are having and that your company could solve with the right insights. 

By combining different marketing research techniques with the best marketing tools, our marketing research analysts can identify the pains that your target audience is aiming to solve, as well as the consumer needs that your competitors may not be aware of before the marketing analysis.

As a result, Toucan Insights produces a detailed and fact-based marketing research study that identifies the pains in your target and creates bespoke solutions directed to solve your target consumers' needs; positioning your company as the best option.

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