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In a nutshell, Marketing and Branding are two faces of the same coin.


Marketing focuses on the communicational actions that a company conducts to inform and attract its target audience. 

On the other hand, Branding firms concentrate on the design aspects and content that those communications must have in order to be successful. 


People usually think about branding firms in a way that narrows down the concept to a handful of aspects, such as company name, logo, slogan, font, etc.


Even though all this is true, these aspects require branding research to understand the target audience and match their expectations with the branding strategy.


By conducting branding research you will be putting right in the front and center of your branding strategy the most important element in this formula, your potential customers.


In order to develop a successful branding strategy that attracts your target audience, branding firms should include a clear and unique selling proposition (your positioning).


Positioning refers to the way in which you want your target audience to perceive your company.


This branding strategy is accomplished through marketing communications (for example, email marketing or social media marketing), and campaigns that companies run in order to establish the desired positioning. 


At Toucan Insights, we are experts in branding strategy (and re-branding) because we not only design target-oriented brands but also we conduct branding research with a clear positioning goal.


Having a consistent and cohesive branding strategy allows your target to easily identify your brand.


As a branding firm, Toucan Insights designs all the branding communications based on thorough marketing research that leads to the creation of a unique and distinctive look & feel branding, making your company stand out from the competition. 

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