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What is Branding?


In a nutshell, Marketing and Corporate Branding are two sides of the same coin of brand design, but it is important to have a branding agency to develop the strategy properly.


On the one hand, we have marketing, which deals with specifying the different communications that a company carries out to inform and attract its target audience.


On the other hand, corporate branding, or brand design, concentrates on the design aspects that these communications must have in order to be successful and achieve the objectives established for a specific target.


In general, when talking about corporate branding, the term is usually reduced to a handful of aspects, such as the name of the company, the logo, the slogan, the typography, etc. Aspects that are undoubtedly part of the whole process and that directly affect brand design.


Why is it crucial to count on the advice of a branding agency for its development?

Although these aspects are fundamental for corporate marketing and branding, they must be

designed based on a market research that

identifies your target audience.


That is to say, the research should identify the

best way in which you should present yourself to

be perceived by your potential customers so that

they form the best image of your company.

These issues should not be overlooked in brand



At Toucan Insights, through our corporate branding agency, we reverse the marketing and branding process and place your target audience at the center to design the branding (or re-branding) strategies that will position your company in the right way in front of your target.


It is essential that the marketing and corporate branding of a brand is presented in a uniform and distinctive way in all channels (for example, email marketing or to generate leads) so that your target audience can easily identify it.


As a corporate branding agency, at Toucan Insights we design all social media communications and content marketing that will position your brand in a distinctive way, making your target audience distinguish you from your competitors.

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