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Hospitality & Travel and Food & Beverages industries


Business Case

August 2019 – At the beginning of 2013, I accepted a challenging professional job in the midst of an unfavorable context in which uncertainty regarding increasing costs and sales volume had been seriously affected by both internal and external issues.

Business Case

May 2019 – The client, a soft drinks / mineral water company in Latin America, contacted Toucan Insights concerned that there had been a stagnation in their sales revenue on their line of soft drinks. The client wanted to continue their growth and understand why it had capped when their data showed there was still more market to capture. The company’s main market was around Paraguay’s two main cities: Asuncion and City of the East.

Business Case Published in European Journal of Marketing

May 2019 – This paper aims to use embodied theory to analyze consumer experience in a retail brandscape, Hollister Co. By taking a holistic, embodied approach, this study reveals how individual consumers interact with such retail environments in corporeal, instinctive and sensual ways.

Business Case Published in Journal of Business Ethics

January – 2018 – In this paper, we explore the consumer experience of responsibilization, wherein consumers are tasked with addressing social issues via their consumption choices. We study an approach to responsibilization which we label conscious pricing.

Business Case Published in Harvard Business Review

July, August 2013 – HBR’s fictionalized case studies present dilemmas faced by leaders in real companies and offer solutions from experts. This one is based on the case study “Acquiring Zipcar: Brand Building in the Share Economy,” by Susan Fournier, Giana Eckhardt, and Fleura Bardhi (Boston University School of Management, 2012).

Business Model

Toucan Insights business model consists of 3 different ways in which we provide our service, namely: Pilot marketing research study; Independent marketing research study; Retainer agreement.

Depending on your marketing research needs, scope of the investigation, urgency, and complexity of the subject we will help you decide which approach aligns best with your current need.

Pilot marketing research study

The Pilot marketing research study focuses on researching one specific aspect affecting the performance of your offering.

This type of study thoroughly explore the aspect you want to understand and it will provide you, amongst others, with tailored courses of action and knowledge on how to better-understand its dynamics.

The subject could be of multiple natures, such as: a change in the market conditions, an action of your main competitor, a trend that you would like to test, an aspect related to your communications, among others.

Time: The estimated time length for this type of study is between 2 and 3 weeks.

Independent marketing research study

The independent marketing research study implies conducting a thorough investigation on the subject research utilizing all the tools, techniques, methodologies, frameworks, matrixes, and top sources included in our state-of-the-art research methodology to understand your consumer’s behaviour and the aspects affecting them.

The total number of aspects and variables that we analyse in this type of studies adds up to more than 25!

Through this process we collect the information from 3 different dimensions: Business Drivers, Market Structure, and Consumers Psychology (each containing different methods, tools, sources, business cases, frameworks, matrixes, and technologies) which could also include insights obtained through artificial intelligence (affective computing) and cloud-based technology aimed to better comprehend consumers’ behaviour in online communities.

The outcome of the study is presented in 2 parts. The first one focuses on explaining the tools used and the findings of the investigation. The core of this part is presenting the current state of the subject research. The second part explores future aspects and variables that could affect your offering as well as providing you with options to enhance your marketing communications.

Time: The estimated time length for this type of study is between 1 and 2 months.

Retainer agreement

Under this contractual form we will provide you with any type of marketing research you may need for any product or service your company is offering. This type of agreement has a minimum period of 1 year and could also include aspects such us exclusivity in regard to your competitors.

Time: Minimum 1 year.