What we Do: Marketing Research Methodology

What we do

Toucan Insights has developed a comprehensive and innovative marketing research methodology based on the combination of key elements specially designed to thoroughly understand the variables and aspects affecting consumer behaviour. Our state-of-the-art research methodology consists of 3 phases:

*The first phase involves researching and sourcing information through three separate dimensions: Business Drivers; Market Structure; and Consumers Psychology (each containing different methods, tools, sources, business cases, frameworks, matrices, and technologies).

*The second phase involves the presentation of the research findings, insights and actionable decisions derived from the first phase.

*The third phase involves expanding the research outcome by incorporating a broader set of insights aimed at understanding what other aspects could impact on your target’s decisions in the future.

Marketing Research Methods and Philosophy

Toucan Insights specializes in discovering and understanding consumer decision-making processes through the study and understanding of the powerful forces involved both in the market and in the psychological, sociological and cultural aspects that define the actions of the target.

At Toucan Insights we design our rigorous marketing research methodology combining multiple methodologies, techniques, sources of information, business cases, theoretical frameworks, matrices and technologies, seeking to obtain the most rigorous insights to develop the appropriate marketing strategies for your business.

Our Methodology

Toucan Insights develops its studies based on a combination of multiple methods consisting of internal information; quantitative and qualitative data added to the support obtained through artificial intelligence (affective computing); cloud-based tech; and a psychological-sociological framework aimed at understanding the consumers and their cultural environment in relation to the objectives pursued by the organization.

Toucan Insights has designed a methodology that analyzes consumers from different dimensions, seeking to fully comprehend consumer preferences. The dimensions measure the personality of the consumer with respect to different behavioral characteristics and provide the level of granularity required to segment consumers precisely.

What you will get with our research: Insights, Strategy and Results.

Although the methodological approach may differ depending on the industry or the objective of the study, our research will provide, among others, the following:

* A detailed analysis of who your consumers are and what they expect from your offer.

* The process and aspects that influence your consumers before making any decision related to your offer.

* The most sensitive aspects regarding your offer, as well as their attitudes and behaviors towards it.

* Strategies to boost your marketing and increase your sales as a result.

* An investigation of the cultural environment affecting your consumers and their decision-making process.

* An analysis of your marketing communications and sales segments, along with strategies on how to enhance them.

* An analysis of your costs and recommendations on how to make them more efficient, allocating your budget to the areas where it will produce a greater benefit.

* A detailed analysis of the industry and the forces that affect it, accompanied by recommendations aimed at improving your competitive position.

An exhaustive study of your main competitors and their offer, aiming to always keep you one step ahead.

Our research approach seeks to create a social map around the culture of goods or services in a market. In other words, we seek to understand not only the consumers, but also the social environment in which they live. We do this by selecting the appropriate methodology for the research, collecting the information and analyzing it through a personalized ethnographic process specially designed by Toucan Insights to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Reports

Through our personalized reports we seek to provide a clear and complete understanding of the market, the offer, the consumers and the society being studied. Our analysis seeks to fully comprehend the dynamics of the local culture to ensure that the recommendations are directed to the objectives that our clients pursue.

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