• Octavio Murekian

The Happiest of All: A critique on Consumer Research

girl jumping on a wooden bridge

Recently trawling across the internet I saw a piece of news on the BBC claiming that Finnish people were the happiest in the world according to a thorough survey.

Sceptical as I am at the thought of accurately measuring a construct as complicated as happiness through quantitative means I thought I would give it a read.

It turns out that the World Happiness Report is a study on 157 countries measuring the ‘happiness’ of the inhabitants.

I have read several of these and it seems that usually there is a strong Nordic and Scandinavian presence at the top of the table, this was again the case this year with Finland being crowned the world’s happiest country according to the study.

An interesting find, however, is that according to their measures, Latin countries tended to be much higher on the list than they should be when taking into consideration their income.