Lead Generation

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Lead Generation strategies focus on increasing Brand Awareness at the middle level of marketing funnel and reinforce the content marketing strategy through offering valuable content for the target consumers.


Unlike the other marketing strategies that are part of the marketing funnel, lead generation strategies are characterized by requiring the person's contact information (for example, email) in order to access the content.

This type of content is called gated content and is usually more efficient when the lead or potential customer has a real interest in your offer and for that reason they are more likely to share their contact information to access said content.


Some of the most popular lead generation strategies are white papers, industry reports, a subscription to a newsletter, or discount coupons.
Lead Generation strategies complement other marketing strategies. Among the most popular marketing strategies are SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising.

Because the target at which a company directs its marketing communications is made up of organizations or consumers with different levels of knowledge regarding its offer, it is that companies must design marketing communications according to the different stages of funnel marketing. All these strategies are part of what is known as Inbound Marketing and are essential to transform the target into real customers.

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