Hospitality Marketing

Toucan Insights has designed a hospitality marketing service for hotels that has earned it the prestigious award "Best Specialist Hospitality Marketing Consultancy 2020", awarded by the British business magazine EU Business News.

Hospitality Marketing Services

Our hospitality marketing services provide a comprehensive marketing support for both independent and large hotel chains. Through our hospitality marketing services we help hotels to better understand the market in which they operate as well as the guests they serve. We do this by offering bespoke marketing service packages that include:


Our hospitality marketing experts know inside out the characteristics of this complex market as well as each of its segments (hotels -lodging-; food & beverages; travel & tourism; and recreation).

The hospitality marketing consultancy service focused in hotels includes a granular analysis and bespoke marketing strategies for each sales channel (Corporate, Travel agencies, OTA's, and Events), which are key to address the needs of each type of guest. At Toucan Insights, we leverage our decision making by incorporating into the marketing research phase key elements that include: 


  • Business Cases

  • Consumer Mapping

  • Consumer Preferences & Trends

  • Social Monitoring and Social Listening

  • Culture affecting the Target Market

  • Competitive Set Analysis

  • Analysis of the Correlational variables affecting you target guests

  • Pricing, Sales, & Business Strategy

  • Identification of Potential Markets & Consumers

  • Future Scenario Modeling

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