Digital Advertising

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Digital Advertising is the practice by which companies promote their products and services on digital channels.


Generally speaking, the goal of digital advertising is to generate traffic to a specific page (landing page) where companies want their target to make the desired actions that lead to the conversion.


Conversion is the name that receives an expected and defined action. Is when a visitor on your website does exactly what you want them to do.


For example, you could set as a conversion goal that your visitors download a report, watch a video, buy your product, or fill in their contact details for your newsletter, etc.

Depending on your goal you could create digital advertising campaigns aiming to increase your brand awareness or to boost your digital sales.


Among the aspects that make digital advertising an excellent and effective option for companies is that these campaigns can be directed to a defined audience and that firms will only pay for the ads when a user completes a defined action on that ad.


Also, digital advertising is more flexible, allowing companies to reach their target audience on their favorite platforms through text, video, images, and more.


Among the most popular channels are social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engines, mobile apps, and websites.

At Toucan Insights we create bespoke digital advertising campaigns powered by a sound digital marketing strategy.


We focus on attracting the selected target audience to your website by implementing the right advertising message on the appropriate channel.

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