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What is content marketing and why is it necessary to include it in your marketing strategy? 


Content marketing services focus on creating helpful and valuable information for your target consumers on different marketing platforms.


The key is to know what type of content marketing services you need to create and for what platforms. Being in the right place at the right time really pays off. Therefore, content marketing strategies are developed. Specially in the case of content marketing for small businesses when resources need to be used effectively. 


Websites as well as lead generation and email marketing strategies must have a sound content marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and attract target consumers. 

Why is it necessary to have a content marketing agency in your strategy?

Content marketing strategy must be developed with the aim of providing valuable information in a clear and creative way to make your business stand out from your competitors. Which is easier said than done in the case of content marketing for small businesses since their start needs to be on point to be able to take market share from the larger competition. 


Some of the methods include articles,

images, infographics, videos, and

games, among others. 


The end goal with content marketing

services is to create and later revisit a

content marketing strategy that

establishes your company as an

authority in your industry through

these content. 


No matter the industry in which your

company operates, you must create and share valuable content to increase your brand awareness. An indeed much needed push in the case of creating content marketing for small businesses. 


In this sense having a constant content marketing strategy and communicational presence is of utmost importance and will help your target to find your business and services online thus boosting your content marketing and SEO and improving your positioning in Google's search results.


Our Content Marketing Services 


At Toucan Insights, our content marketing services team analyzes the market and industry in which your company operates and we match this with the type of search terms and keywords that your target is using to look for businesses and services like yours. Which means when we create content marketing for small businesses we ensure that their niche can find them.


Once we have this information, we select the appropriate design tools for each communicational platform and we let our designers do what they do best guided by the already established Content Marketing Strategy.


Toucan Insights digital natives are experts in creating bespoke content marketing strategy for each stage of the content marketing funnel, which is key to increase brand awareness and to generate interest among your target market as a result.

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