What we do

What we do

Toucan Insights has developed a comprehensive and innovative marketing research methodology based on the combination of key elements specially designed to thoroughly understand the variables and aspects affecting consumer behaviour. Our state-of-the-art research methodology consists of 3 phases:

*The first phase involves research and sourcing information through three separate dimensions: Business Drivers; Market Structure; and Consumers Psychology (each containing different methods, tools, sources, business cases, frameworks, matrixes, and technologies).

*The second phase involves the presentation of research findings, insights and actionable decisions derived from the data.

*The third phase involves expanding the research outcome by incorporating a broader set of insights aimed at understanding what other aspects could impact on your target’s decisions in the future.

Methods and Marketing Research Philosophy

Toucan Insights focuses on uncovering your consumers’ needs and desires through a comprehensive study and understanding of the powerful market, psychological, sociological, and cultural forces that inform their perceptions and actions.

At Toucan Insights we design our rigorous methodology by combining multiple research methods, tools, frameworks, techniques, sources, business cases, and matrixes aiming to achieve the perfect balance between rigorous, commercial, and pragmatic research.

Our Methodological Approach

We design our studies based on a combination of multiple methods containing parts of quantitative and qualitative data gathering; artificial intelligence through affective computing; cloud-based tech; and a psychological-sociological framework aimed to understand the subject being research and its cultural surroundings.

Toucan Insights have designed a methodology that analyses and profiles consumers from 7 different dimensions: Conservative, Innovative, Hierarchical, Social, Spending, Culture, and Individualist providing the level granularity needed to segment your consumers and comprehend their behaviour.

What will you get: Marketing Research Outcome

Whilst the methodological approach could differ depending on the industry or the aim of the study, our research will provide you, among others, with:

*A detailed analysis of who your consumers are and what they expect from your offering.

*The process they make before taking any decision and the aspects influencing their decision making.

*Their pains and gains regarding your offering as well as their attitudes and behaviors towards it.

*Strategies to boost your marketing and increase your sales as a result.

*An investigation of the cultural surroundings affecting their decision-making process.

*An analysis of your marketing communications and sales channels together with strategies on how to improve them while reducing your costs.

*A detailed analysis of the industry you operate and the forces affecting it accompanied by a set of options aimed to improve your competitive position.

*A thorough study of your main competitors and their offering seeking to keep you always one step ahead.

Our approach seeks to create a social map of the culture of goods or services in a market. In other words, we seek to understand not only the consumers but the social environment they live in, in regard to the set good. This is done by assembling all data and analyzing it through a customized ethnographic methodology and research philosophy, particularly designed by Toucan Insights to serve the needs of business consumers. This methodology takes into account the multimethod nature of ethnographies, applying modern technology to speed up the research process without losing the understanding or data richness needed for poignant consumer insights.

Our Marketing Research Reports

With our tailored reports, we aim to provide our clients with clear insights of the market, offering, consumers and society in question by granting them access to an actionable, easy to understand document containing the analysis of the investigation along with the future scenarios, trends and cultural movements impacting on their industry.